Project and Thematic Approach

We believe that children learn best when they have the interest to learn and that the wanting to learn is innate in a child. Since the year 2000, we have engaged our K1 and K2 children to work on projects. In exploring a chosen topic, they learn to initiate, participate, explore, organise, analyze and problem-solve. The essence of this process is helping to scaffold children’s application of social skills and knowledge acquired, thus, putting their potentials to the fullest.

We use Thematic Approach for Nursery and Playgroup levels. Each theme may last for 10 weeks or more depending on the progress of the theme and teacher’s assessment. Each theme is closely related to their living, and is a learning process which is aimed at enhancing & organising their knowledge on the subject.

Projects and Themes explored by the children include Library, Top, Puppetry, Help the African Children, Old Clothes in New Life, Rice, Football, Canteen, Marble, Card, Games, Agar Agar, Water, Paper, Egg, Fruits, just to name a few.

K1 Bus Project Drawing an observation of a bus
K1 Clothes Project Engaging in a tie and dye process
K1 Clothes Project Learning how to thread and sew with an expert
K1 Clothes Project Using tools
K1 MRT Project (Documenting learning)
K1 Water Project (Discovering the uses of water)
K1 Water Project (Experimenting with water)
K1 Water Project (Learning about the uses of rain water)
K2 Clothes Project Showcase project ideas
Nursery Block Theme (Building with blocks)
Nursery Block Theme (Building with blocks)1
Nursery Block Theme (Using blocks to measure height)
Nursery Egg Theme
PG Environmental Walk
Playgroup Environmental Walk
Playgroup Environmental Walk1
Playgroup Exploring with paper (Look what I can do with newspaper)
Playgroup Exploring with paper (Testing out newspapers)
Playgroup Making Playdough
Toys Project (K1) Documenting their experience at the Toys Museum
Toys Project (K1) Field Trip to Toys Museum

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