About us

The Beginning

Tan Beng Luan, Principal of Practice Performing Arts School then, initiated the founding of Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay in 1997. Partnered with Dr Tan Beng Kiang (Architect) and Ms Chia Bee Leng (Accountant), with the participation of the late drama doyen Kuo Pao Kun and arts educator Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, and supported by Creative Technology Limited, Creative O Preschoolers Bay was established and in operation on 1 January 1998. It is located in Creative’s headquaters Creative Resource.

The Development

With effect from 28 June 2018, Creative O Pte Ltd, which owns Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay, has been sold to Creative O Education Foundation (COEF), a non-profit organization, for SGD One Dollar.

The change of ownership aims to ensure that Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay will not be handled as a business in any circumstances. But, with the contribution and support of some professional in early childhood field as well as parents (former and current), Creative O will be able to continue setting standard of good education for young children and exploring positive pedagogy in early childhood education.



Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay seeks to help children journey through the early stage of their growth, and provide a foundation for an all-rounded self.

Mission Statement

Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay strives to:
• provide a stimulating learning environment;
• cultivate basic human values;
• develop the different intelligences essential for a child’s development;
• help children learn through daily experience, observation and practice;
• nurture the ability to think creatively, imaginatively and analytically;
• encourage confidence and individuality;
• inculcate an appreciation and openness for cultures and arts;
• foster children’s care and respect for the environment.


Our teachers play the important role of an educator, advisor, facilitator and care provider for all the children at the Bay. All our teachers are trained and are experienced professionals, with at least a Diploma or a degree in Early Childhood Education. Some teachers have been invited by the early childhood training institutes to conduct courses or workshops for fellow teachers. All Arts Teachers are professionally trained in the field of arts and have many years of experience working with children. They are also active individuals in the theatre, dance and visual art scenes in Singapore.

Panel of Advisors

Prof Lin Pei Jung, Early Childhood, University of Taipei
Prof Stan Chu, Bank Street College of Education, New York
Prof Chang Shih Tsung, retired professor from Taiwan National University of Education
Ms Kao Hsiu Hua, Founder, Emile Early Childhood Education Foundation, Taiwan
Dr Christina Lim-Ratnam, Early Childhood, National Institute of Education
Dr Loh Wan In, Educator
Ms Low Siew Hong, Educator
Ms Wong Seet Fun, Art Educator
Dr Wu Mi Yin, Education Consultant
Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, Artist
Ms Kuo Jian Hong, Artist
Nina Yang & Eddy Yang, Ex-parents and Architects

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