Corner Play

This allows children to develop interest, engage with materials and tools such that throughout the working process, the children are involved in observing, thinking and problem-solving. With friends joining in the corner play, children develop their social skills in the areas of co-operation, self regulating and sharing. Basic corners include wooden blocks, manipulative toys, construction sets, art and reading. Corner play is a daily activity for about an hour.

K1 Dramatic Corner (Hair Salon)
K1 Engaging in block corner
K1 Exploring with Goop
K1 High Structures and Buildings
K1 Reusing materials to construct
K1 Stacking with paper tubes
K1 Using foam blocks to build a real life structure
K2 Exploratory play with water
K2 Learning to braid with strings
K2 Learning to use screwdriver and hammer
K2 Sewing
Nursery Discovering new sounds and music
Nursery Free drawing using our imagination
Nursery Learning through observation (Water Lamp)
Nursery Stacking blocks
Nursery Storytelling
Nursery Threading strings through holes
Playgroup Dramatic play
Playgroup Dramatizing with paper boxes
Playgroup Exploring with paper tubes
Playgroup Exploring with pipette and water colours
Playgroup Playing with light box
Playgroup Puppet play
Playgroup Using cardboard to role play
Playgroup Using tweezers to move pompoms

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