Corner Play

This allows children to develop interest, engage with materials and tools such that throughout the working process, the children are involved in observing, thinking and problem-solving. With friends joining in the corner play, children develop their social skills in the areas of co-operation, self regulating and sharing. Basic corners include wooden blocks, manipulative toys, construction sets, art and reading. Corner play is a daily activity for about an hour.

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Construction 1
Construction 2
Construction 3
Construction 4
Construction 5
Construction 6
Construction 7
Construction 8
Dramatic 1
Dramatic 2
Dramatic 3
Dramatic 4
Dramatic 5
Dramatic 6
Sewing 1
Sewing 2
Sewing 3
Sewing 4
Sharing 1
Sharing 2

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