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“The children always enjoy the school time. A lot of fun and memories for them. You can feel that Ms Tan and her teachers love the children.”

- Zhong Kaixun, father of Jingyao and Tianrui 2018

“There is so much love in the school environment and children are always encouraged to ask questions. When my children go into primary three, they have no problem at all with Science because they learnt to do experiments at the tender age of five. One of the greatest decisions I have made for my children - sending them to Creative O. And great caring teachers! ”

- Koh Leng Leng, mother of Hua Sun and Hua Jay 2017

“#Turning The Page#
回首, 6年
Creative O 伴随着小伙伴一路成长。
在快的年代, 做慢的事情, 致敬那样专注、执着的Ms Tan, 打造Creative O 二十年。
🗡20年, 一剑。一种人生, 一种态度。🗡
真诚地感谢Ms Tan 和 Creative O.”

- Tong Xueying, mother of Hansong and Hanjia 2017

“To find a childcare center that deliberately advocates a philosophy where true learning takes place organically, it was not an easy task. In this place, children learn, not by having worksheets assigned to them, but by asking questions, and over time, they learn best by asking the really good questions.

My boys have learnt to be very observant, and in their own ways, draw inferences and think rationally. What was particularly memorable was their respective class projects (which varied from class to class). This project-inquiry approach allows children to take the lead in their learning, and through this, they learn a whole series of problem-solving skills that are particularly useful in the real world. Creative O gives these children a platform to frame their project, craft their answers, and use ingenious methods to look for solutions. ”

- Joey Leow Siew Li, mother of John and Joshua 2015

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